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General Consumables



Gaffer Tape


  Cloth Gaffer Tape Black 25mm 6.50
  Cloth Gaffer Tape White 25mm 6.50
  Cloth Gaffer Tape Black 50mm 13.50
  Cloth Gaffer Tape White 50mm 13.50
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Green 50mm 15.00
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Orange 50mm 15.00
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Pink 50mm 15.00
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Yellow 50mm 15.00
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Blue 50mm 15.00
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Green 25mm 8.00
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Orange 25mm 8.00
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Pink 25mm 8.00
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Yellow 25mm 8.00
  Cloth High Vis Gaffer Tape Blue 25mm 8.00
  H/Q High Vis Gaffa Tape MINI MIX (1cmx6yds) 10.00

Insulating Tape


  Black Insulation Tape 19mm 2.00
  Blue Insulation Tape 19mm 2.00
  Brown Insulation Tape 19mm 2.50
  Earth Insulation Tape 19mm 2.50
  Green Insulation Tape 19mm 2.50
  Grey Insulation Tape 19mm 2.50
  Red Insulation Tape 19mm 2.50
  White Insulation Tape 19mm 2.50
  Yellow Insulation Tape 19mm 2.50

Masking Tape


  Masking Tape Black 25mm 12.00
  Masking Tape White 25mm 4.00
  Masking Tape Black 50mm 14.00
  Masking Tape White 50mm 6.00

Hazard Tape


  Hazard Warning Yellow/Black Tape 50mm 16.00

Adhesive Tape


  Double Sided Tape 25mm 9.00
  Double sided tape 50mm 5.50
  Sello Tape 25mm 6.00
  Sello Tape 50mm 6.00

Sprays & Compressed Air

  Matt Dulling Spray 400ml 12.00
  Semi Matt Dulling Spray 400ml 12.00
  Black Dulling Spray 400ML 12.00
  White Dulling Spray 400ML 12.00
  Panair Refil 360ml 16.00
  Fantasy FX - Smoke in a can 60z 24.00
  Kenair Master Kit (Includes Nozzel) 20.00
  Kenair Refill 360ml 16.00


  8x4ft Black/White Poly Board 1" 16.00
  8x4ft Black/White Poly Board 2" 22.00
  8x4ft Matt Silver/Silver Foam Core 1" 35.00
  8x4ft White/White Poly Board 2" 18.00

Hard Drives

  G Tech G Drive 2TB (USB3 / FW800) 145.00
  G Tech G Drive 3TB (USB3 / Thunderbolt) 186.00
  G Tech G Drive mobile 1TB (USB3 / Thunderbolt) 135.00
  LaCie Rugged 500GB (USB3 / FW800) 65.00
  LaCie Rugged 1TB (USB3 / Thunderbolt) 130.00
  LaCie Rugged 2TB (USB3 / Thunderbolt) 160.00

Flash Memory

Compact Flash


  SanDisk Extreme 32GB 120MB/Sec Compact Flash Card 32.50
  SanDisk Extreme 64GB 120MB/Sec Compact Flash Card 45.00
  SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro 280MB/s SDHC UHS-II 62.50
  Sandisk Ultra Fit Flash Drive 8.00


  FEX 240v 2000w Replacement Lamp 32.00
  64640HLX Dedo 150w Replacement Lamp 5.00
  EHT120v 250w Replacement Lamp 22.50
  64514 120v 300w Replacement Lamp 11.00
  CP81 240v 300w Replacement Lamp 11.00
  CP82 240v 500w Replacement Lamp 11.00
  CP89 240v 650w Replacement Lamp 18.00
  DXX 240v 800w Replacement Lamp 11.00


  The Leatherman Wave Pocket Tool 75.00
  The Lumu iPhone Adapter for Light, Colour and Cine Meter 97.50
  Fujifilm DVD-R Single Jewel Cased 1.00
  Lighting Grip Gloves 21.50
  Crock Clips x10 3.50
  Poly Trolley / Stand 38.00
  Sharpie Twin Tip Black Marker Pen 1.80
  Black/White Showcard 13.50
  Silver/White Showcard 13.50
  Gold/White Showcard 13.50
  Direct Lens Cloth 2.50
  Rubber Matting Per Metre 15.00
  Tarpaulin Sheet 10x12 Feet 30.00
  Tennis Balls (for stand bases) Bag of 9 12.00
  Lexar USB3 Dual slot Card Reader 30.00
  Canon tether cables (USB2) IFC-500U 30.00
  Canon tether cables (USB3) IFC-500U II 30.00
  Plastic Cables Ties (bag of 20) 3.50
  Dust Sheet 3.6m x 3.6m 6.00
  ECLIPSE Sensor Fluid 59ml 8.00
  Eizo Monitor Cleaning Kit 20.00
  Blu Tack 2.50
  Bongo Ties (packet of 10) 5.00
  Tether BLOCK MC 89.00
  X-rite color checker passport 75.00
  Hama Lens pen 7.50
  Visible Dust Vswab 33.34
  Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass 45.00
  QP card - calibration grey card 7.50
  Sash Cord 12.5M Hank 9.50
  VisibleDust Sensor Brush Cleaning Solution 8ml 10.84
  Furniture Protection Blanket 60" x 80" 8.00

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