Direct Assist Scheme

Join our community by signing up to our Assistants Support Scheme.  Get connected with like-minded assistants at one of our social evenings and discuss the top issues affecting you today.  Keep your technical knowledge at a premium by attending equipment training sessions and demos, and get hands-on with the latest kit from key manufacturers.  At Direct, we pride ourselves by having super friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand who can offer you full technical support and advice.  We are here to make your life easier.  The scheme offers many benefits, including:
  • Exclusive ‘first view’ equipment launches
  • Social events featuring key manufacturers
  • Full technical support and ‘on call’ advice
  • Dedicated equipment training sessions
  • Introduction to key Direct Photographic Staff
  • 50% off AOP Assisting Photographer Membership and 12 months Free Junior Assistant Membership. Email for details.

Here’s what some of our assistant members have to say on being part of our scheme…
Direct Assist scheme is a great way to meet other assistants, photographers and test the latest new hire equipment. It is the best scheme to get the right hire equipment on flexible terms. My favourite parts of the scheme are industry and social events organised by super friendly and helpful people from Direct Photographic.
Adam Orzechowski


Being in this industry as an assistant can be wonderful, it can take you all over the world & keeps you sharp and creative. However, it can also be a lonely career. I find taking part with Direct Assist events have been great fun just having beers with likeminded folk & the opportunity to discuss what’s ‘going on’ in our world. The ability to have the platform to share stories, better our knowledge and just have a community is important. I also appreciate that on several occasions we can get equipment tutorials and have our hands on some very new kit that feeds back into our work.
Ben Peter Catchpole

I've always found Directs staff very approachable and helpful no matter what the situation, whether talking to them in the pre-production stages of a shoot about the technical requirements a photographer has, to help trouble shooting on set issues. Their knowledge and can do attitude make my life much easier as a Photographic Assistant.
Gideon Marshall

To enquire about membership, or if you know of any Photographic Assistants that may be interested in joining Direct Assist, then please complete our application form by clicking on the sign-up tab above.

Please note that Direct Assist is free to join and is currently limited to eligible working photographic assistants in the United Kingdom only.

Of course, if you would like to find out more about Direct Assist or any aspect of our service then contact our team at Waterloo.
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