MacBook Pros 2016 with Touch bar Setups

New MacBook Pros
Introduced recently to our inventory the New MacBook Pro offers improvements in performance and carries unique abilities possibly not yet fully taken advantage of, so we’ve decided to highlight what we think makes these new laptops such a strong tool.

They have a Touch Bar!…..Ok, fun and actually does have several practical uses, though it’s not the main feature we’re interested in here.
The main features we are interested in are improved speed and processing power, extremely fast data transfer, cutting your backing up time dramatically, and, finally dual 4K monitoring allowing two screens in addition to the laptop.
So as you can see in the images we’ve taken, whilst putting ours through their paces, you're able to run two monitors. We now stock 4K 24” Eizos and for everyday usage there are a few ways to setup your monitoring with any of our Eizos.
When shooting in studio you're able to allow the digital operator a screen, a laptop, and have a 10meter extended client or photographer's monitor. With this set-up your gaining a screen and there’s no need for a battery back-up UPS, as the laptop itself keeps running should someone pull the power on you.

For outdoors or on location, as each monitor only pulls around 50w and the laptop is only 60w (roughly), you're able to run a full digi cart on a portable 1K Honda generator for 10-12hrs easily, still having plenty spare for other devices. If you can have a small geny at your location this is by far the easiest and most reliable solution when weighed against numerous lithium backups, it also provides far more power enabling the screens to be used.

USBC…. Don’t be afraid. Yes, Apple changed the connections; yes, you need adapters. However, we provide a full complement of the adapters you’ll need, allowing up to 5 extra USB3 ports, HDMI, Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, Ethernet.
It’s actually quite simple and when viewed you almost have as many adapters in use as you would have in the past, factoring in a stable tethering solution.

We now also stock connections for these that use USBC with our V-lok external battery kits as well as the Godox 800x, this is a very strong option in itself and will run the laptop for a further 5-6 Hrs
If you’d like to learn more or come down, personalise and build your ideal package, we’d be more than happy to run you through everything. Our camera department staff are only too pleased to ensure that you get what you need in order to have the smoothest running setup for your shoot.
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