Phase One IQ3 100 Trichromatic - Phase Fit

Price Per Day: £425

Working closely with Sony, Phase One has introduced new technology to take digital color capabilities one step further. The IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back renders color in astonishing brilliance. It is capable of replicating, closer than ever, the color definition that the human eye sees. Using a new CMOS sensor and Bayer Filter color technology, available only through Phase One, we have given the photographer 101-megapixels of creative possibility in never-before possible color definition.

- 101 Megapixels
- 35 - 12800 ISO
- 15 f-stops Dynamic Range
- 60 minutes Long Exposure
- CMOS Sensor type
- XF Mount

Weight: 5.3 Kg


Supplied accessories:

  • Card Reader USB3 - Supports CF/SD/MS Duo
  • Phase One Lens Cast Calibration Card
  • Sandisk 32GB High Speed Compact Flash Card
  • HDMI - HDMI Micro port Adapt
  • Phase One Battery Charger
  • Phase One Battery
  • Resolution CCD Cleaning Kit (Rental)
  • X-Rite Color Checker Passport
  • Tether Cable - USB3 A to B
  • TetherTools TetherBoost USB3 Core 4 Port Controller Kit

For further information or to arrange a demonstration of this, or any item of equipment from our extensive product range, then please do not hesitate to contact our rental team on 020 7620 8500 or by email.

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