Bespoke Workshops

Group of people standing in Studio cove looking at lighting equipment

Expertise and passion are a part of our ethos at Direct Digital. We’re here to elevate your shoot through dedicated support by our brilliant team and share our knowledge with our clients. We often get asked questions about certain pieces of equipment or methods and offer workshops to help share our experience and knowledge. 

Direct Digital workshops are a mixture of practical tutorial and knowledge sharing which can be customised to the clients’ knowledge base: in-depth and detailed or general and basic depending on needs. Some of the areas we cover are: 

  • Introduction to Lighting
  • Introduction to stands and Grip
  • Introduction to Distribution and Power
  • Introduction to Light Shaping/Control
  • The Kelvin Scale and Gels
  • Flash Duration and Strobe

Practical Tutorials

  • Setting up continuous lights
  • Correct HMI usage
  • Flash Set-up
  • Cable Management
  • Common fault finding

Whether you’re an agency that wants to brush up on your kit knowledge, a production that needs help with equipment before a shoot, or just interested in learning more, give us a shout at