Island Studios South Africa


up To 6650sq.ft


London and Cape Town

Key Features:

  • 11 Stages
  • Drive-In Access
  • dedicated hair and make-up
  • production offices
  • full catering


For more information and to book;

Call: +44 (0)20 8956 5600



For Island Studios South African enquiries, please call +27 (0)21 529 4210 or email


Dukes Island Studios
Dukes Road
Western Avenue
London  W3 OSL

Black Island Studios
Alliance Road
London W3 ORA


As a Panavision company. Equipment hire and consumables can be arranged through Direct Digital, Panalux and Panavision who are based just down the road from the studios.


Island Studios operates a network of professional studio facilities incorporating complexes in London, Manchester, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The Studios core business revolves around live-action commercials for film and television. Island Studios are frequently used by photographers shooting stills campaigns alongside the live-action crews; sharing sets or utilising another stage to optimise talent’s time. The studios are also popular with photographers that require larger studios than those available in traditional photographic studios.

The three West London based complexes offer 11 stages ranging from 1350 m2 (150ft by 100ft) to 182m2 (45ft by 45ft) the clear heights ranging from (9.45m/31ft to 6m/19.5ft), conveniently close to the centre of town and well served by public transport.

Island Studios stages all provide drive-in access and all are equipped with either white coves or white canvas cyclorama backings, the stages are all provided with dedicated hair and make-up, wardrobe and production offices plus a full catering service.

Direct Digital are delighted to be supporting Island Studios with the same range of high-quality equipment and service that is positioned right next door to the studios in London






Black Island Studios

Black Island Studios is Central London's largest film and television studio complex offering six stages, all with excellent facilities including drive-in access, cycs, motion control rigs, lighting facilities and on-site catering. 

Stage 1 - 150 x 65ft - 26ft height - Floor Plan
Stage 2 - 90 x 65ft - 25ft height - Floor Plan
Stage 3 - 100 x 65ft - 26ft height - Floor Plan
Stage 4 - 45 x 40ft - 20ft height: pre-lit green screen - Floor Plan
Stage 5 - 150 x 110ft - 31ft height - Floor Plan
Stage 6 - 90 x 55ft - 31ft height - Floor Plan

Dukes Island Studios

Duke Island Studios is a West London based studio complex offering three stages all with excellent facilities including drive-in access, cycs, motion control rigs, lighting facilities and on-site catering.

🔴 Red Stage - 40 x 45ft - 21 ft height - Floor Plan
⚪ White Stage - 80 x 56ft - 21 ft height - Floor Plan
🔵 Blue Stage - 70 x 70ft - 21 ft height - Floor Plan
🟢 Green Stage - 69 x 77ft - 6.1m clear height - Floor Plan

Manchester Island Studios

Manchester Island Studios offers a 5,500sq/ft sound stage with a production office and dining area.

Stage 1 - 435 Sq/m - 8.2m height to the gantry