LEE Pro Pack 24 Filters 24"x21"

This pack consists of 24 specially selected lighting filters.
15 colour effect-filters used for lighting backgrounds and creating special effects. Colours are yellow, straw, deep amber, orange, primary red, dark pink, magenta, peacock blue, dark blue, fern green, dark green, mauve, medium blue, flame red and deep lavender.
The four colour temperature correction grades (Full and Half Colour Temperature Blue, and Full and Half Colour Temperature Orange) are used to balance colour temperature when working in a combination of daylight and tungsten lighting conditions.
Two Neutral Density (0.3ND and 0.6ND) grades can be used to reduce the power of a flash head or studio lamp, to balance the intensities of lights or flash.
Completing the package are two white diffusers, for use on their own or with other filters to eliminate shadows and soften the overall lighting effect.
LEE Lighting Gels