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Digital Tech, Lighting Assistant, Driving License,
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I've been working as a Lighting, camera and digital assistant for over 4 years and previous to that I worked in a rental department for 2 years.

I've worked with many agencies, photographers and production companies over the past 4 years on an array of shoots from ecom to advertising for a wide and diverse clientele. 

I'm a calm and level headed person who works well under pressure. I'm able to communicate well and understand what my role is in assisting photographers to complete a successful shoot.

The skills I've acquired over the years have made me more than competent with lighting equipment and I'm able to understand a lighting brief and hire/use the right tools to achieve the desired look.

Likewise with a digital workflow, I can provide a full digital kit package and make sure that all files from camera to computer are organised, graded and outputted to the requirements of the client, ready for retouch.

Useful things I own include:

Full Clean Driving Licence


Broncolor A4 Gratit with Ringflash and Pulso heads

Macbook Pros (Thundebolt 2 and 3) with all the bits!!

Monitor (Eizo and Dell)

Inovativ Pro Ultra Kit

Think Tank Production 50 Case

and rarer things like common sense!!