Antari Ice Z-Series Low Fog Machine

per day
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This machine takes roughly 20-30 Minutes to warm up from switching on the power. It can be used as a standard heavy smoke machine where the smoke disperses higher and less concentrated but will only work as this video demonstrates as a 'low lying fog machine' when used with general Ice. There is a large compartment that requires filling with ice (please note this is not dry ice and is just normal frozen ice) direct do not supply this with the machine but you can obtain this from most convenient stores. In order for the smoke/fog to lay low it requires cooling which is what they ice is for and dependant on how long you wish to use the machine you will need more ice in reserve, a 4kg bag per hour would be a safe estimate. The temperature of the studio would also affect your results.
  • 1x 16A IEC Kettle Lead
  • 1x Antari Ice XLR Remote Control
  • 1x Peli Case 1300
  • 1x Antari Ice Drainage Hose
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