Briese 115 S-H H5 5Kw Tungsten Kit

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The focus.2 115 and also facer, focus.2 111, 130 are an extension of the Briese focus system and are part part of a new reflector patent. Two different reflector curves set completely new standards.
The Focus.2 115 is a class of its own. There has never been such a reflector before: focusable over 5 f- stops without shifting color temperature.
A short transition from light to shadow ensures a crisp light. Small modifications in focusing cause large effects in character of light. With his unsuspected variations the Focus.2 115 meets all demands.

1330 x 480 x 490
  • 1x Briese 115 Focus 1/4 Stop Silk - No.St
  • 1x Briese 115 Focus Full Silk - No.III
  • 2x Briese 115 Focus Reflector Skirt
  • 1x Briese 115 Focus S-H Reflector
  • 1x Briese 115 / 220 H5 Focus Spacer
  • 1x Briese Stand Mount c/w Arm 28mm Spigot
  • 1x Briese Set-Up Helper Ring
  • 1x Briese Set-Up Helper
  • 1x Briese 115 / 130 Focus Reflector Bag
  • 1x Briese Reflector Collar for HMI