Chrosziel 204-01S Single Follow Focus Kit

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A professional single-sided follow focus for precise focus actuation on high-end cinema lenses. Features a low-profile rod-clamp form factor for fitting underneath large lenses. However, as it is only single-sided, the entire follow focus must be reattached to adjust focus from the other side of the lens. Film lenses, prime lenses and “Cine style” video lenses typically display an adjustable range of 200° from close-up to infinity. The focus of the video lenses rotates approx. 100° to 145° between close-up and infinity. All gear drives can be easily mounted without tools.

  • 1x Chrosziel Focus Whip
  • 1x Redrock Micro Focus Ring A,B,C,D
  • 1x Redrock Micro Focus Ring Screw Long X4
  • 1x Redrock Micro Focus Ring Screw Short X3
  • 1x Redrock Micro x4 Spacers x4 Nuts
  • 1x Redrock Micro Lens Scale Set of 3