Dedo 150W 4 Head Kit (In Line Dimmer)

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The dedolight 150w 4 head kit is a revolutionary optical system uses two aspherical lenses. The front lens is fixed, the other moves with the OR lamp relative to the lamp and reflector (patented system).
The 150 W projector offers:
- More light than a 500W studio projector
- Perfect light diffusion in all aperture settings.
Traditional studio projectors of comparable size offer an adjustment range (variation in intensity in the center of the illuminated area) of approximately 3: 1. Dedolight reaches 25: 1, offering a greater difference between flood and spot, greater intensity and more precise control. This allows operators to position lights farther away, well out of the frame, while still allowing movement within the illuminated area with fewer noticeable changes in intensity.
Dedolight spotlights distribute the light perfectly over the illuminated area, regardless of the optic setting - without hot spots or ring effects.
They emit a pure, parasite-free beam that gives the cleanest and best defined illumination.
Optional optical noses
265 x 440 x 580
  • 4x Dedo In Line 150W Dimmer
  • 4x Dedo Head Extension 100/150W
  • 1x Dedo Clamp
  • 4x Dedo 150W Head
  • 4x Dedo Lamp Hlx 150W 24V
  • 1x Dedo Kit Case
  • 4x Dedolight Stand