Nikon SB-800 Speedlight

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Speedlight SB-800 with wireless i-TTL flash control evolves the technology beyond the D-TTL of the D1 series. It introduces features that include Advanced Wireless Lighting (wireless remote control over multiple flashes), Flash Value Lock (FV Lock), AUTO FP High-Speed Sync and Flash Color Information Communication. It also features the new Wide Area AF Assist Illuminator that is tailored to the new D2H's 11-area Multi-CAM 2000 AF Sensor Module. Additional features include a built-in wide flash adapter for 14mm wideangle lens coverage, GN 38/53 (ISO 100/200, at 35mm) and flash coverage from 24mm up to 105mm when using the Auto Zoom function (in 5mm zoom steps between 35 and 105mm).
  • 1x Alkaline AA 1.5v Batteries
  • 1x Nikon SB-800 Diffusion Dome SW-10H