Phase One IQ2 50 Digital Back - Hasselblad Fit

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Phase One has created the "world's first CMOS-based digital camera back", the 50MP IQ250. It uses a 44x33mm sensor, which is 68% larger than the 35mm full frame, and is equivalent to a 1.3x crop of the standard 645 format. Until now, medium format backs have invariably used CCD sensors, and Adopting CMOS promises much better image quality, especially when shooting at high ISOs.
The IQ250 promises the widest ISO range of any medium format camera system (100-6400), with up to 14 stops of dynamic range and 14-bit color depth. It is also equipped with a 1.15 Mpx 3.2 inch high-resolution touchscreen for live viewing, reading and changing settings, and has built-in Wi-Fi.
Main characteristics :
• Sensor: CMOS
• Crop factor: 1.3x
• Resolution: 50 MP
• Active pixels: 8280 x 6208 px
• Effective sensor size: 44 x 33 mm
• ISO: from 100 to 6400
• Dynamic Range: 14 stops
• Pixel size: 5.3 x 5.3 microns
Phase One
  • 1x Phase One Lens Cast Calibration Card
  • 1x Sandisk 16GB High Speed Compact Flash Card
  • 2x Phase One Battery
  • 1x Phase One Battery Charger
    • 1x Phase One Battery Charger Power Supply
    • 2x Phase One Battery
  • 1x Lexar USB 3 Dual Slot Card Reader CF/SD
    • 1x Short Cable - USB3 A to Micro
  • 2x Tether Cable - USB3 A to B
  • 1x X-Rite Color Checker Passport
  • 1x Phase One H5/H6 Tripod Shoe Extender
  • 1x Resolution CCD Cleaning Kit (Rental)
  • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost USB3 Core 4 Port Controller Kit
    • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost USB to DC Power Cable 1m
    • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost A/C Power Adapter
    • 1x Tether Cable - USB3 A to Micro 1m
    • 1x Tether Cable - USB 3 Repeater
    • 1x TetherTools External Power Bank (5000mAh)
    • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost Strap Moore
    • 1x Belkin USBC to Micro B
  • 1x Viewfinder Masks&Adaptor
  • 1x Tether Cable - USB-C to B