Phase One IQ3 50 Digital Back - Phase Fit

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IQ3 digital backs offer incredible versatility for demanding professional applications. Geared towards the professional photographer in every aspect, when used with the XF Camera System, the IQ3 provides advanced solutions for flash handling, power management, fast proofing, and innovative shutter technology and tools to eliminate vibration. Phase One’s Open Platform Philosophy means it can be interchangeably used on a range of technical cameras including Cambo, ALPA, and Arca for exceptional image quality, flexibility and artistic freedom.
Phase One
  • 1x Phase One Lens Cast Calibration Card
  • 1x Phase One Battery Charger
    • 1x Phase One Battery Charger Power Supply
    • 2x Phase One Battery
  • 2x Phase One Battery
  • 1x Sandisk 16GB High Speed Compact Flash Card
  • 2x Tether Cable - USB3 A to B
  • 1x Lexar USB 3 Dual Slot Card Reader CF/SD
    • 1x Short Cable - USB3 A to Micro
  • 1x X-Rite Color Checker Passport
  • 1x Resolution CCD Cleaning Kit (Rental)
  • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost USB3 Core 4 Port Controller Kit
    • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost USB to DC Power Cable 1m
    • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost A/C Power Adapter
    • 1x Tether Cable - USB3 A to Micro 1m
    • 1x Tether Cable - USB 3 Repeater
    • 1x TetherTools External Power Bank (5000mAh)
    • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost Strap Moore
    • 1x Belkin USBC to Micro B
  • 1x Tether Cable - USB-C to B