Phase One IQ3 50 Digital Back - Phase Fit

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With an impressive 50-megapixel sensor, the IQ3 50 captures astonishing levels of detail, ensuring every image is rich in clarity and resolution. From intricate landscapes to stunning portraits, your subjects will come to life like never before, enabling you to create truly breathtaking masterpieces.
Uncompromising Image Quality:
Equipped with the renowned CMOS sensor, the IQ3 50 produces images with exceptional dynamic range, impeccable color accuracy, and astonishing low-light performance. Experience the true essence of your scenes with outstanding tonal gradations and the ability to capture the subtlest nuances, allowing for unparalleled post-processing possibilities.
Unrivaled Precision and Versatility:
The Phase One IQ3 50 provides a comprehensive range of customizable tools, empowering you to fine-tune every aspect of your image. From exposure control and white balance adjustment to ISO sensitivity and color management, achieve the exact look and feel you desire, effortlessly bringing your creative vision to life.
Seamless Integration:
Designed to seamlessly integrate with Phase One XF and technical camera systems, the IQ3 50 offers a cohesive and intuitive workflow. Benefit from its easy-to-use interface, extensive connectivity options, and compatibility with leading image editing software, ensuring a streamlined and efficient post-production process.
Reliability and Durability:
Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, the IQ3 50 Digital Back is engineered with robust materials and advanced sealing, offering peace of mind even in challenging shooting conditions. Trust in its reliability and longevity, knowing that it is designed to accompany you on countless photographic endeavors.
Embrace the Future of Photography:
With the Phase One IQ3 50 Digital Back, you step into a world of limitless creative possibilities. Explore the boundaries of your imagination, capture stunning details, and tell captivating stories through your lens. Experience the pinnacle of digital imaging technology and embark on a journey of artistic excellence with the Phase One IQ3 50 Digital Back.
Phase One
  • 1x Phase One Lens Cast Calibration Card
  • 1x Phase One Battery Charger
  • 2x Phase One Battery
  • 2x Tether Cable - USB3 A to B
  • 1x Lexar USB 3 Dual Slot Card Reader CF/SD
    • 1x Short Cable - USB3 A to Micro
  • 1x X-Rite Color Checker Passport
  • 1x Resolution CCD Cleaning Kit (Rental)
  • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost USB3 Core 4 Port Controller Kit
    • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost USB to DC Power Cable 1m
    • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost A/C Power Adapter
    • 1x Tether Cable - USB3 A to Micro 1m
    • 1x Tether Cable - USB 3 Repeater
    • 1x TetherTools External Power Bank (5000mAh)
    • 1x TetherTools TetherBoost Strap Moore
    • 1x Belkin USBC to Micro B
  • 1x Tether Cable - USB-C to B