Profoto 1200J Multispot Head c/w Dedo Lens

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The Multispot one of the smallest professional fresnel spot on the market. Its compact size makes it particularly suitable for food or still life photographs.
Main characteristics :
• Removable 80mm frosted fresnel lens.
• Supplied with Dédolight optical nose.
• Integrated fan.
  • 1x Dedo DP-1 Imager Projection Attachment with 85mm Lens
  • 4x Dedo Imager framing shutter blade set
  • 1x Dedo Imager Iris
  • 1x Halogen 300W 120V 64514
  • 1x Dedolight M-size Steel Gobo Holder
  • 1x Master Gobo set "M" size (10)