Profoto Pro-8a 1200 Air Pack

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The Profoto Pro-8a 1200 Air Pack is a stable and versatile flash pack. It is equipped with a receiver to be able to synchronize very easily with the air remotes or air remotes TTL remote controls.
With two unbalanced head outputs (A = 1200Ws max, B = 600Ws max), it is designed to work with Prohead, Prohead Plus or Pro Twin.
The color temperature is calibrated to match daylight and remains perfectly constant no matter how hard the trigger is.
Main characteristics:
• Fastest flash duration 1/12000 (with only one connected head)
• Can produce up to 20 images per second.
• Integrated remote trigger receiver.
• Automatic capacitor discharge system. (can also be managed manually)
  • 2x Jack Sync Lead Std
  • 1x 16A Flash Pack Power Lead
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