Velvet Kosmos 400 Color Location LED Kit

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Kosmos gives you remote beam angle control. Fresnel quality + multiple lamps head ecosystems and breakthrough compactness and outputs
The compact colour-tunable Fresnel produces unprecedented output with motorized ZOOM and total wireless control.
A full colour touchscreen simplifies any light, zoom or effects setting while two rotary knobs provide precise manual adjustments.
The intuitive interface gives you direct access to any simple adjustment, advanced function, effect or colour mode.
KOSMOS V5LED light engine produces an output unseen before from a colour tunable Fresnel
Its powerful CPU and advanced electronics are even capable to learn new features or upcoming updates.
KOSMOS simplifies colour selection and adjustment showing on the touchscreen the actual colour you are creating. The beam angle can always be adjusted on any control mode
460 x 760 x 460
  • 2x Velvet Kosmos 400 Antenna
  • 1x Velvet Kosmos 400 Barndoor
  • 1x Velvet Kosmos 400 Color Location LED Head
  • 1x Velvet Kosmos 400 Kit Case
  • 1x Velvet Kosmos 400 Speedring
  • 1x Velvet Kosmos 400 V-LOK Battery Adaptor
  • 1x 13A >16A Jumper
  • 1x 16Amp > Powercon True1 16A Lead - 2m