Vocas Matte Box MB325

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Designed to be used as a clip-on for ENG/EFP cameras with a support for a maximum lens diameter of 105mm. It features a quick-lock mounting system that attaches directly to the front lens barrel. The Vocas MB-325 MatteBox can also be used with the MBS-100 mattebox support and a bars adaptor on 15mm rails. Equipped with two independently rotatable filter trays. It accommodates 3x3'' and 4x6'' filters, and for lenses wider than 5mm the mattebox uses one 4.5x4.5''rotatable filter or one 4'' wide non-rotatable filter. It is compatible with wide angle lenses in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Includes a standard internal eyebrow, a top flag, and a French flag that allows the user to adjust the mattebox to the different positions of the lens.
  • 1x Vocas Top Eyebrow
  • 2x Vocas 4''x4'' Filter Frame
  • 1x ARRI Connection Ring 72mm
  • 1x ARRI Connection Ring 77mm
  • 1x ARRI Connection Ring 82mm
  • 1x Vocas 15mm Bar Clamp
  • 1x Vocas 4''x5.65'' Filter Frame
  • 1x Vocas Lens Donut Set 4