Aladdin 1x1 Bi – Flex M7

Aladdin Bi-Flex M7

Our brand-new supply of Aladdin Bi-Flex M7s has arrived! Coming in a 30x30cm panel (and less than 5cm thick!), Micro LED Technology means the 1x1 panel can now pack in 70W of power instead of the original 50W! 

With its compact size and lightweight features, the Bi-Flex M7 works as a great portable interview light, or it can be velcroed to the inside of a car! It’s so versatile you can even hide it inside a product. The M7 runs on AC or DC (V-Lok batteries) and comes with a dimmer built in so control is as easy to manage as and flexible as the product itself. 

  • CRI 97 
  • TLCI 97 
  • Colour Temperature 2900°k – 5600°k 
  • 140° Beam Angle 
  • Dimmable from 5-100% 
  • Passive Cooling 
  • 5100lux @ 60cm compared to 4500lux for the original 1X1Panel  
  • weights just 237grams! 

Supplied with: 

16mm spigot mount (ask about pole mount options) 

Softbox and Eggcrate 

Optional V-Lok Batteries provide trouble-free power 

Mount it on a stand, magic arm or simply Velcro to the wall! 

Also, check out the 4x1 Aladdin below – same spec as 1”x1” panel