Astera Titans

Astera Titans

The Astera Titan tubes are the newest innovation in wireless LED tube lighting technology.
The new Titan tubes offer over twice the power of the previous AX-1 tubes and have a higher colour correctness expected for high end stills and filming work.

Apart from containing Red, Green, Blue chipsets, they also include Mint and Amber chipsets allowing them to produce a wider spectrum.

We really like the light output of the Titans and the fact you have control of basic functions from the onboard menu/display, if you don't need all the functionality the Astera App provides.

Built in Gel modes include Lee and Rosco 

16 Pixel Segments across the length of the tube allows a colour to chase across the length of the tube, effects allow additional colours to chase at the same time, or to fade into another colour resulting in endless possibilities.

The tubes have a 180degree beam angle - but look out for our upcoming range of modifiers for the Asteras such as the DOP SnapGrid.

We supply our Titan tubes as a case of 8 and include the wingplates to help with mounting on C-stands etc.

Tip: Burst mode – setting the Titan to either the 1 hour or 2 hour power mode puts it into a special “Burst Mode” which makes Titan’s whites 2.9x brighter than the AX1.