Briese Focus.2 115 S-H and 130 S-H

Briese Focus.2

As well as bolstering our Briese stocks with more Focus Reflectors, HMI kits, and the 5K Tungsten, we have placed stock in our Manchester office. In addition, we have received a few of the new patent Focus.2 reflector range:

Briese Focus.2 115 S-H

Briese Focus.2 130 S-H

Briese Reflector

Whilst there are other variations to this new range, we’re dipping our toes in with these two types as the new curve design and the dual finish surfaces on the reflector offer something quite unique which we think will be of interest.

With this new curve, the reflectors offer control of over 5 stops of exposure between focus and flood, and the combination of hard inner surface and soft outer surface provides a graduated fall-off of light.

They will be available to use with Flash, HMI or Tungsten.