Broncolor Para 88 / Jokerbug 800W Kit

Broncolor Para Reflector Range

We all love the K5600 800w Jokerbug, it's such a versatile fixture. In addition to the standard PAR reflector, the Jokerbug comes with a set of 4 lenses to further modulate the light. Other options are attaching a Chimera (SoftBox) or the Bug-A-Beam adapter utilising the ETC Source-4 (projection beam with cutters and Gobo holder).
One lesser-known option which is ideal for fashion, portraiture, and interviews is the Broncolor para 88 Parabolic reflector.
Defocused, the para will illuminate a large set with uniform light from a relatively short distance. By focussing the light source, the beam angle can be dramatically reduced (output similar to a large fresnel spot).
We like the easy setup of the Para 88 and the optional egg crate gives you further control.
This is an ideal set-up for when you need to provide moving image content as well as stills with limited time to change lights.