Carl Zeiss Milvus Cine 6-Way Lens Set (Canon Fit)

Milvus Set

We've been looking at this set of lenses for quite some time now, having researched them thoroughly we finally have them here being commissioned ready for rental.

The Milvus lens series – which can also be known as ZE or ZF.2 Primes (Canon and Nikon fit) – replace the previous discontinued ‘Classic’ series.

Our set will be compatible for Canon bodies; however, the lenses come with a feature to de-click the aperture and use as a true cine lens alternative if using the Nikon version (though the aperture isn't geared). Essentially, the Milvus series are ZF.2 lenses but remounted professionally with Duclos converters to an EF fit, they are then geared and fitted to a standard front diameter of 95mm to suit simple usage with matte boxes.

One of the main benefits of these lenses is that they’re a perfect budget alternative to fast cine primes; with an aperture of f/1.4 for most of the range, it is an improvement over the classic models.

Milvus Set

18 f/2.8

25 f/1.4

35 f/1.4

50 f/1.4

85 f/1.4

135 f/2

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