Eurovision 2023 preparations: The Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling with Camera Equipment

Eurovision 2023 preparations

The excitement of travelling to a new location for a film or photography project can often be overshadowed by the stress of packing and transporting your camera equipment safely. This is especially true for those travelling to Liverpool to shoot for Eurovision, where the stakes are high, and the pressure is on to capture the perfect shots.

As a photographic rental company, we understand the importance of safely transporting your camera equipment, both nationally and internationally.

In this article, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of travelling with camera & lighting equipment and provide tips for ensuring that your gear arrives at your destination in perfect condition.

Eurovision Liverpool preparations

As the highly anticipated Eurovision Song Contest 2023 approaches, film crews and camera operators are busy preparing to capture all the action and excitement of the event in Liverpool.

They are likely familiarising themselves with the venue, planning shots accordingly, and working with the event organizers to ensure they have the necessary logistical support to film the performances and capture the emotions of the performers and audience.

Another key challenge will be planning how they will get their kit to Liverpool in one piece and without damage.

Crews need to transport expensive cameras, lighting, and sound equipment across the country, and some even across borders and through customs - requiring careful planning to ensure everything arrives on time and in good condition.

Tips for travelling with camera equipment

There are several things you should do to ensure that your camera equipment is safe and secure while travelling.

  1. Remove Batteries and Memory Cards

Before packing your camera, ensure that the battery and memory card have been removed. This will prevent accidental activation of the camera and damage to the memory card.

  1. Label Bag

Label your camera bag with your name, address, and contact information. This will help to identify your bag if it gets lost or misplaced.

  1. Invest in a Quality Bag

Invest in a high-quality camera bag that is designed to protect your equipment during transport. Look for a bag that has sturdy padding, durable zippers, and multiple compartments to keep your gear organized.

  1. Minimise Movement of Equipment

When packing your camera bag, try to minimize the movement of your equipment. Use foam padding or lens wraps to secure your gear and prevent it from shifting during transport.

  1. Travel Insurance

Invest in travel insurance that covers your camera equipment. This will provide peace of mind and financial protection in the event of loss or damage.

  1. Keep Copies of Documents

Keep copies of important documents, such as receipts, warranty information, and insurance policies. This will make it easier to file a claim if your equipment is lost or damaged during transport.

  1. Research Airline Regulations

If travelling internationally, make sure to research airline regulations regarding carry-on luggage and camera equipment before flying.

Different airlines have different rules regarding the size and weight of bags, so research will help you avoid unexpected fees or delays at the airport.

  1. Consider Renting Gear at Destination

Consider renting camera gear at your destination instead of travelling with all your equipment. This is especially useful for international trips, where airline restrictions may limit the amount of equipment you can bring.

What NOT to do when travelling with camera equipment

There are also several things you should avoid doing to prevent damage or loss of your camera equipment.

  1. Check-in as Luggage

Never check your camera equipment as luggage. Instead, carry it on as hand luggage to ensure that it is not lost, stolen, or damaged.

  1. Make it Obvious that You’re Carrying Expensive Equipment

When travelling with camera equipment, avoid drawing attention to yourself by making it obvious that you are carrying expensive gear. Instead, opt for a low-key camera bag that doesn’t advertise the value of its contents.

The Benefits of Hiring Camera Equipment

Sometimes you can’t avoid travelling with your camera equipment, but with the added risk of damage and theft, we recommend always considering hiring equipment from a rental company to remove the stress of travel.

At Direct Digital, we offer a wide range of camera & lighting equipment, including lenses, LED lighting, and accessories and our Manchester branch is able to cover the Liverpool area for your convenience.

Our rental service provides a cost-effective alternative to buying expensive equipment outright and ensures that you have access to the latest gear for your project.

Additionally, we offer a delivery service, so your equipment can be waiting for you at your destination, saving you time and stress.

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