RED Komodo 6k

RED Komodo 6K Camera

RED's latest innovation pushes the boundaries of colour, form and camera sensor technology. The RED KOMODO 6K is an all-in-one Super 35mm cinema camera.

Completely redesigned, it comes in an extremely compact form, weighing in at just 1kg and measuring 10cm3, while offering a powerful set of professional cinematic features. The key to achieving this goal was the use of Canon's RF lens mount and KOMODO's 19.9 MP Super35 CMOS sensor with Global Shutter technology. This sensor can create images with a dynamic range of over 16 stops and eliminates rolling shutter artefacts.

Red Komodo

Among its features, we will mainly mention :

  • A huge 19.9 MP Super 35 CMOS sensor.
  • Slow-motion recording up to 2K at 120 fps
  • Wireless smartphone control capability
  • Canon RF mount
  • Global Shutter
  • CFast 2.0 card recording
  • SDI and 3.5mm audio output
  • Touchscreen phase detection autofocus
  • REDCODE RAW R3D recording>
  • Modular design allows for a wide range of accessories

In short, RED KOMODO includes an enviable list of features designed for professional filmmakers and content creators who want high-end visuals in an easy-to-use, compact and versatile camera.

Impressive resolution and image quality

The camera features an all-new 19.9 megapixel Super 35 CMOS sensor that records an impressive maximum resolution of 6144 x 3240 at up to 40 fps in an open gate. It records to a proprietary CFast 2.0 card with a data rate of up to 280MB/s and can record and output up to 4K60, and up to an impressive 2K120 for slow and variable motion shooting, all in REDCODE RAW R3D format. It also supports ProRes 422 HQ up to DCI 4K60 and 2K120 for faster transfer and turnaround.

The RED KOMODO also uses a Global Shutter, which is rare in today's cameras. It differs from the Rolling Shutter in that it simultaneously captures the entire sensor area when creating the image, rather than scanning sequentially, line by line, as with the rolling shutter.

The Global Shutter, therefore, eliminates the artifacts of its counterpart and has been optimised here to continue to deliver low noise, high dynamic range images.

Red Komodo


Getting back to image quality, the RED KOMODO promises to be among RED's best with the ability to capture up to 6K at 40 fps using the powerful 16-bit REDCODE RAW format. RED has simplified the compression options, giving users the choice of HQ, MQ and LQ, each varying the compression from low to high respectively. These choices allow users to select the best option for each shot and determine whether to focus on data rate or image quality.

The REDCODE RAW format is supported for 5K at up to 48 fps, 4K at up to 60 fps and 2K at up to 120 fps and offers the greatest possible flexibility in post-production. Those wishing to use a more conventional format can record natively in Apple ProRes 422 HQ and Standard 422 with DCI 4K at up to 60 fps or DCI 2K at up to 120 fps.

Easy and fast to use

While remaining modular like older RED cameras, RED KOMODO also offers an all-in-one, quick-install ergonomics that straddle the old and new world of RED design, so you can get up and running immediately, but also customise it to your needs. Whether you're using the RED KOMODO for studio production or in the field for a documentary, its size and shape give it great mobility and versatility for single or multi-camera setups, as well as on mobile rigs or even professional-grade gimbals and drones.

RF mount

The use of Canon's RF lens mount allows the RED KOMODO to be extremely compact while allowing compatibility with a wide range of lenses through the use of optional adapters. The mount natively supports both RF mechanical lenses and EF mechanical lenses via the supplied adapter. By using optional EF mount to RF mount electronic adapters, the RED KOMODO will even be able to support Canon EF mount electronic lenses and unlock additional features, such as autofocus.

The first for RED is the ability to use phase detection autofocus (PDAF) with compatible lenses. This includes suitable Canon EF-mount lenses used with a separately available EF-to-RF electronic communication adapter. Phase Detection systems are known for their speed in measuring and comparing distance and should provide a reliable and accurate system for video production. In addition, the touch screen can be used to quickly change focus and select subjects.

Touch Screen

The built-in 2.9-inch 720p touchscreen LCD allows you to preview and set the camera's configuration, and it also supports touchscreen phase detection autofocus. Borrowed from cameras, Phase Detection AF uses advanced detection points that can detect differences in distance to quickly calculate where to focus in the scene. Compared to previous contrast-only systems, phase detection is faster and more responsive.

The touch screen allows you to quickly and intuitively select the AF area, and then you can let the camera take over while you record.

Red Komodo


As a complete all-in-one camera solution, RED KOMODO has a range of necessary ports and connections. These include built-in stereo microphones and a 3.5mm input for audio, genlock/timecode/GPIO/RS232 support via a 9-pin EXT port, and a DC power input. A 12G-SDI port will support up to DCI 4K at 60 fps in 10-bit 4:2:2 quality for dedicated surveillance solutions.

The rear of the camera also features two slots for Canon's BP-9xx series batteries, which can be hot-swapped for virtually unlimited recording in the field.

With the RED KOMODO, RED opens up its ecosystem to a whole new market. RED has always been committed to bringing high-end cinema cameras to as many filmmakers as possible, and RED KOMODO delivers on that commitment by offering a compact, Hollywood-standard camera.

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