OConnor 2560 Fluid Head

O'Connor 2560 fluid head

OConnor introduces the 2575’s baby brother…the 2560, perfectly suited to the adaptable, a la carte configurations of accessorised digital cinematography. For example cameras such as the Alexa in portable configuration or any lightweight digital cinema camera (from Sony, Canon, ARRI, AJA, JVC, Panasonic, Vision Research,RED) in ‘maxed out’ studio configuration. OConnor Ultimate heads have been used on almost every Hollywood movie feature and episodic TV Drama since the early 1990’s and OConnor heads in general have been heavily utilised in the industry since 1949.

Crafted for “cine-style” shooting, the new head design delivers cinema standard positioning of controls, including brakes and rosettes, for easy and intuitive use.

Payload of up to 37.7kg (@4inch)

Tilt +/- 90 degrees (use with our Twintube paddle mount for table top work)

Supplied with both Moy and 150mm bowl fitting options

Perfect partner for our Ronford Baker Sticks and 48" Ronford Baker Slider