Phase One Trichromatic

Trichromatic IQ3 100MP Digital Back

We introduced the Trichromatic IQ3 100MP Digital Back from Phase One late last year and since have seen the system go from strength to strength, gaining in popularity with those that require the highest standards of colour reproduction.

We already hold the hugely popular IQ3 100 for the XF Platform and the IQ1 100 for the Hasselblad H6x, as well as the slightly faster shooter, lower megapixel IQ2 50 and IQ3 50 (Hasselblad/Phase Fit), so where does the Trichromatic fit in?

The Trichromatic is only available for use with the XF Platform and prioritises heavily on faithful, even colour reproduction. The human eye sees trichromatic colour and having these even curves is similar to that what we see naturally rather than leaning more to one or two with smaller or sharper more erratic curves.

Sensor Curves

Many sensors make these trade-offs in order to allow better performance in other areas and achieve higher sensitivities, or simply just to provide a more consumer-friendly looking image.

This does mean that at the higher end the Trichromatic appears to give slightly more noise than the standard 100MP however it allows the sensor to achieve far more colour information overall and better performance on the lower end where it’s actual base sensitivity is ISO35. In and around the more commonly used settings, tonality, dynamic range and colour fringing are all controlled if not vastly improved. 

Where this camera would excel is in skin tones, still life, food and large colour-rich scenes.

There’s some more great videos plus examples on the Phase One’s website,

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