SUN Exposure Awards & Client Evening

people at party

In honour of 31 years in the photographic industry, Shot Up North's Exposure Awards took place last week and celebrated beautiful images produced by professional photographers from northern UK.

It was wonderful to sponsor an event that showcases such a breadth of talent with images by nominated photographers displayed across the walls of Leaf - a Manchester hot spot. While there were a number of incredible, striking photos, there were three individuals whose images particularly connected and received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place: Tom Keen, Sean Knott, and Simon Leach. Take a look at all the entries.

art display

Lit with equipment from Direct Digital, including Astera Titan tubes, we were able to host clients at the party and illustrate how important it is for an image to be connected to its audience. The space really lent itself to creative, casual conversations and the event itself was a perfect opportunity for us to be able to thank our clients and celebrate their work.

If you're interested in entering Shot Up North's 2020 awards then keep an eye on their social and website