Behind & Through the Lens: Sony PXW-FX9 Camera

Sony FX9 Camera

Sony have unveiled their latest handheld camcorder for professionals, the PXW-FX9.

Billed as a follow up to their popular FS7 line, the Sony FX9 packs in the cinematic feel from a VENICE with the slick Auto Focus technology of the A9. The result is a Netflix-approved handheld run and gun style camcorder.

We took a look behind the lens to bring you some of the best features you can expect from the new Sony FX9, and how it compares. Here’s what you need to know.

What can you use it for?

Sony say the camera is best for premium documentary, commercials and event applications. And, thanks to its neat design and technology, you can film in pretty much any location.

Dual Base ISO

The Sony FX9 features a dual base ISO. You can switch between a base sensitivity of ISO 800 which is great for shooting outside and during the day, or a secondary high base sensitivity of ISO 4000 for nighttime or dark scenes.

Close up of the Sony FX9


What’s it like to use?

The FX9 feels like it’s perfectly designed for shooting on location. Here’s why:


As a run and gun style camcorder, you can shoot handheld, at waist level or shoulder mounted. Plus, the control arm can be adjusted without using tools offering great flexibility.


Even though the Sony FX9 has a compact body, you still get all the key shooting controls you need at your fingertips.

Sony have really taken on feedback from the FS7, and made improvements like the fact ISO gain, white balance and shutter speed are all tied into a dial to make adjustments from the camera.

There’s also an added time code and gen lock, so there’s no need to add an XDCA extension for multi-camera shots. This is particularly good news for directors who like to travel light.

FX9 Camera close up


What features does it have?


The jewel in the FX9’s crown is its sensor. It features a back-illuminated full-frame 6K Exmor R image sensor that oversamples 6008 x 3168 resolution. It renders 4K images capable of full HDR, straight out of the box.


The FX9 has been developed with the same S-Cinetone™ technology as the VENICE, so you’ll get the same high-quality motion picture from a handheld unit.

The advanced default look delivers a much softer finish through the lens and produces a more accurate colour gamut and skin tones for a cinematic look.

Auto Focus

Another key feature is the enhanced fast hybrid autofocus, with 96% x 94% coverage meaning you can effortlessly track fast-moving objects with pin-sharp focus.

There’s also face detection for filmmakers with the convenience of choosing and tracking your subject from the touchscreen LCD.

So, that’s what you can expect from the new Sony FX9. Whether you’re shooting fashion campaigns, documentaries or corporate videos, the FX9 has you covered with its powerful and flexible functionalities.

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