Little Grand Studio

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4500 Square Meters



Key Features:

  • 6 Studios including
  • a Daylight and a 1000m² terrace
  • a 480m² set
  • a circular set
  • Freight elevator for vehicles
  • Free parking
  • Camera and Lighting Hire available through Direct Digital


For more information, do not hesitate to contact Bérengère or Nathalie;

Call: +33 1 48 11 12 90




Little Grand Studio
2 rue de l'Ecluse des Vertus
93300 Aubervilliers



Little Grand Studio has become in a few years one of the institutions of the Parisian photographic industry. Located in Aubervilliers and 20 minutes from Direct Digital, this entity has 6 spacious sets spread over 45,000 meters square and adaptable to all your projects, from fashion photography to feature films and corporate events.

The building has been designed to offer you unusual opportunities, such as a circular studio and a daylight studio with a huge terrace (1000m²!) that can also be used for your shootings. The outdoor area is unique in its view of Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower and the Stade de France, and is totally accessible for a car thanks to the freight elevator.

Little Grand Studio has easy access for delivery vehicles, large storage spaces for your wardrobes or production kits, as well as parking for photographers and customers.