Lighting Workshop - London

Lighting Workshop
Direct Digital, Units 6-8 Dukes Road, London W3 0SL - (Training will be held at Black Island Studios)

Our one-day intensive lighting workshop is aimed at those intending to enter the industry at an assistant level wishing to learn the relative merits of different types of light whilst also teaching how to use and troubleshoot the lighting. The course is also suitable for production-based personnel wishing to have an overview of lighting and camera equipment.

The workshop starts at 9.30 am and runs until 4.30 pm. It is hosted at Island Studios which is right next door to Direct Digital in Dukes Road.

The workshop provides an overview of the different types of equipment that you would expect to find on a photographic shoot and allows you to handle this professional lighting equipment in a non-pressure environment. We will also cover what the role of a photographic assistant consists of and what is likely to be expected from you.




The Workshop covers:

• Flash lighting equipment - Broncolor & Profoto

• Continuous lighting equipment - LED, Tungsten, HMI, Fluorescent

• Flash duration & the colour temperature of lighting

• Cabling and power distribution

• Stands/grip

The afternoon is spent putting your skills into practice, looking at set demonstrations and gaining some hands-on experience using the equipment.

The workshop is fully documented and hand-outs will be provided which you can take away for future reference. Lunch is provided and refreshments are available throughout the day, so do please advise if you have any specific dietary requirements.