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Digital Tech, Lighting Assistant, Retouching,
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I'm an experienced digital operator and lighting assistant based in London. I have been working on fashion, advertising and still life shoots for more than 10 years. I'm currently looking for digital operating jobs for both editorial and advertising assigments. As a lighting assistant I'm only looking for advertising work.

I am renting out my Macbook Pro Retina 15', Seaport + Tripod, Wacom for highly competitive rates, lower than rental companies to save you money. Further, I also own a D800E + prime lenses available for rental and also available for a lower price than rental companies.

In the last years I have established working relationships with many renowned photographers such as David Vasiljevic, Mariano Vivanco and Miles Aldridge amongst a long list of less known image makers. I worked on more than 500 jobs.

Amongst my skills are working with all camera systems on the market ( including large format loading ), all lighting systems, equipment orders, directing 2nd/3rd assistants, travel experience.

I can work under pressure and handle big work loads on big advertising productions with ease and I am used to work long hours shifts (15+ hours).

If budgets are tight I can work for highly competitive rates but I also don't work for a dayrate below 200 pounds. Please also note that I charge half dayrate for travel days. ( non negiotable ).