RTMotion LCS x3 Motor Kit

Price Per Day: £150

The LCS Motor Kit is reliable with precision control of cinema and still-camera lenses over long-range wireless. It has up to 1.5Km line-of-sight and weighs 3759g.

- Cinema quality wireless control of PL glass - Supports up to three lens motors
- The smallest and lightest full three channel lens control receiver
- Worlds first brushless vector drive lens motor - Faster response, smoother, quieter, high resolution encoder, no cogging, no sparking, 4x the service life of brushed motors
- Wireless controller with four customisable axes (Knob, Slider, Wheel A, Wheel B)
- Well over 1km rock-solid wireless range, ideal for busy cities, stadiums and other harsh RF environments
- Supports up to two Thumbwheels
- Supports Run/Stop on RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic and many other common cameras with a range of camera cables

Weight: 3.759 Kg


Supplied accessories:

  • Canon Battery Pack LP-E6
  • Canon Battery Charger For LP-E6
  • Motion MK3.1 RED,ALEXA Power Cable
  • Motion MK3.1 D - Tap Power cable
  • Motion MK3.1 Motor Cable 4pin Right angle 60cm
  • Motion MK3.1 FOCUS Motor
  • Motion MK3.1 IRIS Motor
  • Motion MK3.1 ZOOM Motor
  • Motion MK3.1 Receiver
  • Motion MK3.1 Run/Stop Cables
  • Motion MK3.1 Strap
  • Motion MK3.1 Wired - Mode Cable 120cm
  • Motion MK3.1 Wireless Controller w White Disc
  • Noga Cine Arm 1/4 - 3/8
  • Sharpie China Marker

For further information or to arrange a demonstration of this, or any item of equipment from our extensive product range, then please do not hesitate to contact our rental team on 020 7620 8500 or by email.

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