Case Studies

Copyright Jay Books

Case Studies are our way of sharing the vision and work of the artists who use Direct Digital as well as providing an in-depth look at new products. Keep an eye on this space for interviews with artists, portfolio premieres, and product reviews, as well as timely tips and tricks. 

© Jay Brooks

An Interview with Jay Brooks

Celebrity portrait photographer Jay Brooks' graphic, cinematic style and atmospheric lighting have made him a popular choice across the worlds of film, television and theatre producing key art and promotional imagery for Netflix, Amazon, Sky, HBO, Discovery and The BBC. Continue reading to f

© Duncan Elliott

An Interview with Duncan Elliott

Growing up by the coast in rural Dorset, Duncan Elliott was initially drawn to landscape photography. Some of his earliest memories are loading film into a camera, taking photos of cliffs and the sea, and pleading with his parents to develop yet another roll of film.

Pierre & Florent - Aigle

An Interview with Pierre & Florent

Pierre and Florent are a duo of photographers that our Direct Digital Paris team just loves! Since 2010, their colourful, energetic and unconventional style has brightened up the world of French and international fashion photography and advertising campaigns.

© Charlie Clift

An Interview with Photographer and Director Charlie Clift

Photographer and Director, Charlie Clift promotes “Let’s Talk”, so we reached out and did just that!
Read on to find out exactly what we talked about starting with himself, his work, mental health, creating and learning from happy mistakes…

Chloe Shoot - Highlands

An Interview with Amelia Jacobsen, Founder and Producer of Amelia & Co Productions

We recently had the opportunity to interview Amelia Jacobsen who founded the production and location company Amelia & Co. and is often calling on our Manchester branch to ship shoot kit up to the Scottish Highlands for some big brands. Continue reading to find out more.

Ice Cream & Doughnuts BTS

Ice Cream & Doughnuts - A Short Film Written & Directed by Reece Lipman

In September 2020, writer, director and filmmaker Reece Lipman with a cast and crew of 15 people descended on Worthing to shoot the Principle Photography for Ice Cream & Doughnuts, a poignant short romantic drama staring Jamael Westman and Anita-Joy Uwajeh.


The Late Night Effect - Short film by Jean Monville shot with the Sony FX9

In February 2020, Jean Monville went to Normandy to shoot his short film for a week with his team, Futur Production.

Copyright Jon Enoch

An Interview with Jon Enoch

Based in London, he creates his own personal portrait photography series, with his Hanoi images winning a gold Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) award last year, as well as being nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards this year. Keep reading for more about Jon’s method to the art.

Copyright James Medcraft

An Interview with James Medcraft

Having worked on a range of incredible adverts and music videos for the likes of Rolls Royce, Nike, Coldplay, and MNEK, his work is in the name.

body twisted around into circle

An Interview with Scott Eaton

Scott Eaton is an artist and photographer who simultaneously elevates and grounds his art with science. Having achieved his master’s degree from the MIT Media Lab, Scott supplemented this by studying academic drawing and sculpture in Florence, Italy.