Vortex 8 from Creamsource - Now Available to Hire

New to our UK inventory is the Creamsource Vortex LED system.
Cooke/TLS Speed Panchro rehoused 7 lens set

Cooke/TLS Speed Panchro 7 Lens Prime Set

The Cooke Speed Panchro series of lenses which we now hire has been a staple in the world of cinema for over 80 years. Originally released in the 1920s, these lenses have been used to capture some of the most iconic images in film history.

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Tokina Vista Set

Tokina Full-Frame-PL T1.5 Prime Set

Direct Digital is a leading rental house for high-end digital equipment and lighting in the UK, and one of their most sought-after offerings is the Tokina Vista Full-Frame PL T1.5 Prime lens set.

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LED vs HMI Lighting

LED vs HMI Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect of any visual medium, whether it's photography, film, or video production. It can set the mood, highlight certain features, and enhance the overall visual experience.

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Sigma FF Prime Set

Sigma Cine Full-Frame Prime Set

We have these stunning prime lenses available to hire from London and Manchester!

Designed to shoot 6K and 8K, The FF High-Speed Prime set allows filming of various cuts without making any changes to the lighting, taking cinematography to the next level of performance.

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Easyrig Guide: Types, Applications, and Setup

The Easyrig has become an industry-standard solution for shooting for long periods of time in the film and photography industries. Designed to support camera operators with its simple ergonomic design, it comes in various models and sizes for different still and moving image applications.

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Aputure LS 1200d Pro

Aputure LS 1200D Pro

New to Direct rental, the Aputure Light Storm 1200d Pro is the flagship Light Storm product and the brightest fixture in the Aputure and Light Storm lineup.

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Summer Social & Open Day

Thank you to everyone that attended our 2022 summer social! The evening was a great success with workshops by Jake Hicks and the Greek catering went down a storm.

The Centrepiece of our set was an AirStream Bar lit with Velvet Kosmos, Rodlights and Panalux Sonara fixtures.

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Nanlux Evoke 1200

Nanlux Evoke 1200 LED

You might not have heard of the brand, but they have more than 30 years of experience in lighting and we think this is going to be very popular in 2022!

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Apple Macbook Pro M1X 16 Inch

Apple Macbook Pro M1X

Our fastest Macbook Pro has arrived and is ready to hire!

With its Apple M1 Max chip with 10-core CPU, 32 core GPU and 16 core neural engine and 64GB unified memory this Macbook is well suited for both still and moving image workflow.

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Arri Orbiter

The ARRI Orbiter LED Point Source Lamp Head

ARRI’s new LED point source Orbiter ushers in a new era of digital lighting, a versatile lamp head featuring a range of changeable optics, a state-of-the-art ARRI Spectra six-colour light engine, innovative software, and much more.

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RED Komodo 6K Camera

RED Komodo 6k

RED's latest innovation pushes the boundaries of colour, form and camera sensor technology. The RED KOMODO 6K is an all-in-one Super 35mm cinema camera.

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Sony FX3 plus lenses

Sony FX3 Cinema Line Camera

To keep up with demand, one of our latest Sony additions is the compact FX3 Cinema Line camera which has passionate content creators in mind. Our camera comes complete with a SmallRig cage to make this camera more manageable when on the move.

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COMPARED: Optical Diffusion Filters

COMPARED: Optical Diffusion Filters

Diffusion filters have been helping cinematographers create their look for generations, but now more than ever - with sensors advancing - we think they’re a really good option for all production and camera sizes.

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