Aputure Infinbar PB12 Light Kit Now Available for Rent

Aputure Infinibar

Unleash Creative Lighting Possibilities with the Aputure Infinbar PB12 Rental Option

Direct Digital, a leading rental provider of professional film and photography equipment, is thrilled to announce the availability of the highly acclaimed Aputure Infinbar PB12 light kit for rental in both our London and Manchester locations. This latest addition to our rental inventory promises to empower filmmakers, photographers, and content creators with versatile lighting solutions that push the boundaries of creativity.

The Aputure Infinbar PB12 is a groundbreaking light kit designed to deliver exceptional versatility and control. Featuring twelve individually addressable light sources, this innovative product allows for precise manipulation of lighting effects, enabling professionals to create stunning visuals and realize their artistic vision with ease.

Aputure Infinibar Controls

With its advanced features and unparalleled flexibility, the Infinbar PB12 caters to a wide range of creative applications. Whether shooting commercials, documentaries, or photo shoots, the PB12 offers immense versatility and adaptability to various scenarios.

Key Features of the Aputure Infinbar PB12:

  1. Individual Light Source Control: The Infinbar PB12 boasts twelve independent light sources that can be controlled individually, providing users with unparalleled control over their lighting setup. This feature opens up endless possibilities for creating captivating lighting effects and achieving precise lighting ratios.

  2. Adjustable Color Temperature and Hue: Users can effortlessly adjust the color temperature from 2,000K to 10,000K, allowing for seamless integration with existing lighting setups or creating unique color palettes. Additionally, the PB12 provides precise control over the hue, making it perfect for creative applications and mood lighting.

  3. High Output and CRI Rating: The Infinbar PB12 delivers impressive brightness with its high-output LED modules, providing ample illumination even in challenging lighting conditions. With a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating of 95+, this light kit ensures accurate color reproduction, presenting subjects in their truest form.

  4. Versatile Mounting Options: The PB12 comes equipped with various mounting options, including a built-in 3/8"-16 mounting thread, allowing for easy integration into existing setups. The lightweight and compact design makes it suitable for a wide range of shooting environments, both indoor and outdoor.

Aputure Infinibar

Direct Digital, known for its commitment to providing industry-leading equipment rentals, is thrilled to offer the Aputure Infinbar PB12 to our clients in London and Manchester. This addition to our rental inventory strengthens our dedication to offering the latest and most sought-after equipment to support the ever-evolving needs of professionals in the film and photography industries.

Renting the Aputure Infinbar PB12 from Direct Digital not only grants access to cutting-edge lighting technology but also ensures top-tier customer service and technical support. Our team of knowledgeable experts are always ready to assist clients in making the most of this versatile lighting solution, helping you achieve outstanding results in your projects.

For pricing and availability, please contact our London or Manchester offices directly. Secure your reservation today and unlock limitless creative possibilities with the Aputure Infinbar PB12 light kit.

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