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Whilst we're away, here's a throwback to an interview we did with Lisa Pritchard https://bit.ly/3bw7jsu
Taken by Eadweard Muybridge using a series of trip wires
Edward James Muggeridge, is a British photographer, renowned for his photographic decompositions of the movement. He is interested in movement, animal and human. He invented the « zoopraxiscope », literally the "description of animal motion", a projector that recomposes rapid movements by showing successive shots of the phases of the movement.
His work sets him as a precursor of cinema.
Série de photographie prise par Eadweard Muybridge à l'aide d'une série de déclenchement
Edward James Muggeridge, est un photographe britannique, renommé pour ses décompositions photographiques du mouvement. Il s'intéresse au mouvement, animal et humain et met au point le zoopraxiscope, littéralement « description de la locomotion animale », un projecteur qui recompose le mouvement par la vision rapide et successive des phases du mouvement. 
Ses travaux le posent en précurseur du cinéma.
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@laurajeanhealey was recently in our studio filming her latest project which you can learn more about here; http://www.seditionart.com/laura-jean-healey .

Camera provided by @panavisionofficial .
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Filmed @directdigitalhq .