Aputure LED Lighting Comparison: 600 vs. 300 vs. 1200

Aputure Range

When it comes to professional LED lighting solutions for photography and videography, Aputure is a brand that stands out.

Aputure Range Comparison

Among their popular products, the Aputure 600, 300, and 1200 LED lights are widely recognized for their exceptional performance. In this article, we will compare these three models to help you understand their differences and choose the one that suits your specific lighting needs.

Aputure 600 LED Light:

The Aputure 600 LED light is a versatile lighting option suitable for various applications. With a power output of 600 watts, it delivers a significant amount of illumination, making it ideal for larger spaces or when a high level of brightness is required. It offers precise color temperature adjustment, from 3200K to 5600K, ensuring accurate and consistent lighting. The Aputure 600 also features wireless remote control and dimming capabilities, providing convenience and flexibility during shoots.

Aputure 300 LED Light:

The Aputure 300 LED light is a compact and portable lighting solution that doesn't compromise on performance. With a power output of 300 watts, it offers ample brightness for smaller setups or on-location shoots. The Aputure 300 shares many features with its larger counterpart, including adjustable color temperature, wireless remote control, and dimming options. Its smaller size makes it easy to transport and set up, making it a popular choice among content creators on the go.

Aputure 1200 LED Light:

If you require an extremely powerful lighting solution, the Aputure 1200 LED light is the model to consider. With an impressive power output of 1200 watts, this light is designed for large-scale productions and commercial shoots. It provides exceptional brightness and coverage, ensuring you have sufficient light even in challenging environments. The Aputure 1200 offers the same adjustable color temperature, wireless remote control, and dimming capabilities as the other models in the series.


Power Output: The Aputure 600, 300, and 1200 offer varying power outputs to suit different lighting requirements.

Size and Portability: The Aputure 300 is the most compact and portable option, while the Aputure 1200 is larger and more suitable for stationary setups.

Brightness and Coverage: The Aputure 1200 provides the highest level of brightness and wider coverage, followed by the Aputure 600 and 300, respectively.

Price: Naturally, the Aputure 1200 is the most expensive, followed by the Aputure 600 and 300, with prices decreasing accordingly.

What should you book?

The choice between the Aputure 600, 300, and 1200 LED lights ultimately depends on your specific lighting requirements, budget, and portability needs. The Aputure 600 strikes a balance between power and versatility, while the Aputure 300 offers a compact and portable option. For those with demanding lighting needs and larger-scale productions, the Aputure 1200 provides unmatched brightness and coverage. Assess your shooting conditions and budget to determine the most suitable model for your needs, and elevate your photography and videography with Aputure's exceptional LED lighting solutions.

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