Vortex 8 from Creamsource - Now Available to Hire


New to our UK inventory is the Creamsource Vortex LED system.

Creamsource Vortex8 - What you need to know!

The Vortex 8 from Creamsource has become a staple in outdoor filming in recent years, dominating the market largely due to its IP65 protection rating. More than just practical, this versatile projector offers a myriad of lighting options - soft or intense, white or tungsten, single-color or multi-color, steady or with special effects. All these features are available at a power consumption of 650W.


The Vortex 8 is a 30x60cm RGBW LED panel with a colour temperature control (CCT) that ranges from 2200K° to 15000K°. It allows for 0 to 100% dimming and colour temperature adjustments either directly on the device, remotely via DMX, or through its wired remote control. It can function as a hard reflector or diffuser through a canvas, or produce a soft, creamy light with its dome or DoPchoice Snapbag. The latest CreamOS architecture integrates effects and colour gels, along with a host of new features in an intuitive user interface. The Vortex 8 can deliver a remarkably wide and even beam from a compact package.


One unique feature of the Vortex 8 is the ability to independently control the 8 different zones of the panel to create a lighting combination that fits your requirements. Each zone can be individually controlled via DMX with RGBW, CCT, HSI, or XY control. It also allows for crossfading between RGBW and CCT.


With the Vortex 8, you can now operate in any weather condition without worry. Its ventilation system and heat sink placement help to seal and isolate the core electronics. The Vortex 8 is waterproof to the IP65 standard, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency. Weather elements like rain, snow, and dust will no longer be a hindrance!


  • A high-quality, high-power 2x1 LED floodlight, built for heavy-duty use under all conditions.
  • IP65 water-resistant with a built-in power supply and advanced connectivity for professional applications.
  • Optimized for various applications with RGBW, a broad CCT range, and high-speed modes for filming up to 5000fps.
  • Sync input for triggering and synchronization with the camera shutter.


  • 650W of LED power, equivalent to a 1.2 kW Fresnel HMI.
  • A 20° beam angle for extreme punch and intensity, which can be diffused using the Creamsource dome.
  • Alongside the high power output, it features an active cooling system with near-silent fans and efficient heat dissipation through the machined chassis.

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Photos: Terence Hassen