Nanlux Evoke 1200 LED

Nanlux Evoke 1200

You might not have heard of the brand, but they have more than 30 years of experience in lighting and we think this is going to be very popular in 2022!

The Nanlux Evoke 1200 is one of the latest Fully Dimmable 1200W LED lamp heads with flicker-free output which is comparable to an M18 or D25 HMI and boasts an incredibly high CRI:96: TLCI:97

Our Nanlux kit comes complete with a Large 35cm FL-35 Glass Fresnel which can be focussed from 11- to 45 degrees with a 6 leaf barn door to further control the beam angle;

- With Fresnel @ 11degree 65280lux / 6065fc
- With Fresnel @ 30degree 25560lux / 2375fc
- With fresnel @ 45 degree 15170 lux / 1409lux
- Illumination at 3m (using FL-35)

The Evoke 1200 is fully controllable and supports both wired and wireless control via the NANLINK APP, DMX/RDM, Bluetooth and Lumenradio which can be freely downloaded and can offer a range of effects such as Flash, Pulse, TV, Explosion, candle and others.

Finally, as LED Fresnel equals the power of a 2.5k HMI this is going to be a very popular light that addresses so many issues with traditional HMI fixtures.

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