Lowel Rifa Lite EX66 650W Kit - (62.5 x 62.5cm)

Price Per Day: £51

Rifa eX 66 is the second largest of the Lowel Rifa eXchange family. Its diffusion screen measures 25" square, making its output very soft. Use it with its supplied TH-X1000 lamphead and max. 750w lamp for highest output, or switch to a 500w lamp for decreased output with the same level of softness. Its 60 second set-up gets you lighting quickly, while its collapsed size allows it to fit into many of our smaller kits & cases.

- Dedicated softlight fixture with removable 750w lamphead centered in collapsible silver aluminized high temperature Nomex® housing.
- 105 - 750w available Tungsten-halogen range when combined with accessory TH-X300 lamphead. Other lamphead options for screw-in daylight fluorescent also available.
- Umbrella-like design for quick 60 second setup & strike.
- State of the art woven glass fabric front diffuser offers exceptional heat resistance. Front diffuser must always be used.

Weight: 6.7 Kg
Dimensions: 930x210x170 mm


Supplied accessories:

  • 13 >16amp Jumper
  • 16Amp IEC Lowel Rifa Switched Kettle Lead
  • Lightweight Stand
  • Lowel Rifa Lite EX66 Egg Crate - 40ºx40º
  • Lowel Rifa Lite EX66 Front Diffuser
  • Lowel Rifa Lite EX66

For further information or to arrange a demonstration of this, or any item of equipment from our extensive product range, then please do not hesitate to contact our rental team on 020 7620 8500 or by email.

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