Ellie Wright

Digital Tech, Lighting Assistant, 2nd Ad, Camera Operator, Retouching, Driving License, On-Set Runner, Master Tea Maker,
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Ellie, a versatile freelance photographer and assistant, specializes in sport and documentary photography, while also exploring other genres based on client requirements.

With previous experience collaborating with UK-based companies in sports, clothing, and commercial sectors, Ellie is currently immersed in photography studies and hopes to enhance her technical skills within the photography realm, with the intention of applying this knowledge to both her professional career and personal projects in the future. Feel free to reach out using the provided contact details.

Ellie excels in capturing realistic and captivating imagery, surpassing expectations for any given brief. Her expertise extends to documentary photography, sports, and behind-the-scenes shots, aiding clients in presenting an authentic portrayal of their exceptional products.