Briese 220 H5 5Kw Tungsten Kit

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The focus 220 makes Briese's principle obvious. Fully focused, it creates spectacular lighting with multiple screen differences between the center and the edge of the image. Almost like day and night. Perfect for strong accents. With just one setting you can create different light moods. These characteristics make the focus a main character in many fashion productions.
Can be used with B6 flash head / H2 2kW tungsten head, H5 5kW or HMI T4 from 1200w to 4000W.
  • 1x Briese 115 / 220 H5 Focus Spacer
  • 1x Briese 220 Focus Full Silk - Nr. III
  • 1x Briese 220 Focus Half Silk
  • 1x Briese 220 Focus Reflector
  • 2x Briese 220 Focus Reflector Skirt
  • 1x Briese 220 Focus Reflector Bag
  • 1x Briese Geared Stand Mount 220 & 330cm 28mm Spigot
  • 1x Briese Set-Up Helper Ring
  • 1x Briese Set-Up Helper
  • 1x Briese Reflector Adaptor for HMI/H5