California Sunbounce Pro 4'x6' Kit

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Ultra light reflector, suitable for outdoor shoots as well as in the studio. The durable aluminum three-dimensional frame construction makes it a must have accessory for photo shoots. It has sturdy handles and comes with a set of 5 canvases which allow great versatility as well as a special ball joint to secure it to a stand.
Main characteristics :
• Ultra light and easily transportable.
• 4 canvases (2 diffusions, Gold / Silver zebra canvas, Silver canvas, / White reflective canvas)
  • 1x Sunbounce Pro 4'x6' Translucent 2/3 Stop Cloth
  • 1x Sunbounce Pro 4'x6' Zebra/White Cloth
  • 1x Sunbounce Pro 4'x6' Black/Soft White Cloth
  • 1x Sunbounce Pro 4'x6' Silver/White Cloth
  • 1x Direct Large Tubular Case
  • 1x Sunbounce Pro 4'x6' Frame