Mike Gibson

Digital Tech, Lighting Assistant, Camera Operator, Retouching, Set Build, Driving License, Master Tea Maker,
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Hey, I’m Mike! I can make a pretty decent brew and am very skilled at mopping floors -Whilst my personal work is mainly based on the study of movement and light, I have a broad range of assisting experience – from still life, liquids and jewellery to beauty, fashion and portraiture, I am comfortable on almost any set.

My previous work has been largely stills based but it is increasingly more moving image. I am an experienced lighting and digi assistant, using Hasselblad, Phase One, and Canon systems with Broncolor, Profoto, Bowens, & Elinchrom lighting.

I also have a good knowledge of HMI, Tungsten and LED lighting for moving image work, along with the distro requirements of each. I am  proficient with Capture One, Phocus, Lightroom, Photoshop and a vast array of post-production tools as well.