New: The Blackmagic Pocket Camera 6K


If you dream of a pocket camera, small, light, compact, powerful while having a limited budget.
It offers wide dynamic range, incredible low-light performance, and Blackmagic RAW to capture precise skin tones and beautiful natural colors. The 6K model includes advanced features including a large 5 "LCD screen for easy focusing, SD and CFast card slots, a USB-C port for external disk recording, and an EF lens mount In addition, DaVinci Resolve Studio is included for editing, colour grading, post audio, and VFX.




What can I do with it?

The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K is a very accessible Super 35mm camera. It comes with all the features you need for feature films, TV shows and documentaries, as well as vlogs, YouTube videos, and more! It captures rich colors, crisp detail, and a wide dynamic range between the highest and lowest lights, much like a much more expensive camera. You can now offer high-end rendering to all your productions. Imagine being able to shoot an independent film, music videos, wedding or corporate videos and documentaries in cinematic quality!

What are the main characteristics?

High resolution sensor 

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K offers a native resolution of 6144 x 3456. It has 13 stops of dynamic range and a native dual ISO of up to 25,600. So whether you are shooting in bright sunlight or in a very dark environment, you will get splendid images with little noise. In addition, the Super 35 sensor of the 6K model allows filming with a shallow depth of field and with anamorphic lenses. Thanks to the 4th generation colorimetry, you have the most advanced technology for capturing cinematic images.

Compatible with cinema and photograhic lenses

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is the world's most lens compatible camera. You can choose from a wide range of EF lenses. You can use photographic lenses widely available in the market to make creative choices and achieve cinematic quality feature film images. The active lens mount allows adjustment of focus and iris from the buttons on the camera or the touchscreen. For even more flexibility, the Model 6K's EF lens mount can be adapted for PL, C, EF or other lenses.

Wide dynamic range (HDR) for incredible images, the distance between the lightest part and the darkest part of an image is called dynamic range and is measured in stops. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras have an incredible dynamic range of 13 stops, which allows them to preserve more detail in areas of light and shadow than a conventional camera. So you can adjust the exposure for an indoor shot while capturing the details of the outside light coming from the window. Plus, you get even more colors than the DCI-P3 color space used for feature films. And since DaVinci Resolve Studio is included with the camera, you have complete creative freedom during color grading, adjustments for full exposure, and recovery controls.


Formats that facilitate post-production

As the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera records in both standard and open file formats, you won't waste time with transcoding. You'll get files compatible with all post-production software, and you can quickly start posting with DaVinci Resolve Studio or whatever software you want. It is possible to record in 10-bit Apple ProRes in all formats up to 4K or in 12-bit Blackmagic RAW in all formats up to 6K.

Large 5inch touch screen

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera features a bright 5-inch touchscreen that makes it easy to frame and focus. So you don't need to carry an external monitor or viewfinder. Thanks to this big screen, it's like having Blackmagic Video Assist installed on your camera. The screen displays essential information while shooting, setup menus and intuitive touch focus controls. You'll also find status information, a histogram, focus assist indicators, levels, framing guides, playback controls and more.

Record directly to external USB-C drives

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is equipped with a high-speed USB-C expansion port that operates at up to 5 Gb / s. USB-C is available on most modern computers and supports power. So you can connect external accessories, such as flash drives or SSDs, to significantly increase your recording times. By connecting a fast external drive, you will be able to shoot in 6K at the highest consistent Q0 quality of Blackmagic RAW or at high frame rates. When you're finished shooting, simply remove the external drive and plug it in to your computer to start editing and color grading right away, without copying files.

Integrated timecode generator

You have professional features, including a built-in timecode generator, to shoot in perfect sync with more than one camera. Just plug an external timecode generator, such as Tentacle Sync, to the 3.5mm audio jack. The camera will automatically detect the timecode and synchronize the internal generator. Each camera will then be able to start and stop recording and all their takes will have the same timecode. In addition, the Sync Bin on the Cut page of DaVinci Resolve will automatically synchronize the clips from all cameras. So you won't waste time sorting through thousands of files!

21.2 megapixel still images

In addition to recording videos, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera can take high-resolution photos. Just press the still image button to capture a 21.2 megapixel photo with the 6K model. Since the images are saved as uncompressed DNG images, you get the best quality, which is ideal for professional printing. Still images are used to keep track during filming, to ensure continuity between takes or to be shared with clients who are not on set.