NEW: Flanders Scientific DM170 Broadcast Monitor

Flanders Scientific DM170

Colour critical, durable and efficient, the Flanders Scientific DM170 production monitor has one of the most advanced feature sets in the industry.

Colour Management

The DM170 supports both data range and video range monitoring and allows for highly accurate colour reproduction to allow instant selection from Rec709, EBU, SMPTE-C, DCI P3, Rec2020 Emulation*, Native Wide Gamut, and Custom User Generated colour spaces.

Software Integration

Many of the features included with the DM series are now supported by select applications including IP Remote Utility, Pomfort's LiveGrade Pro, QTakes's Grade Module, Assimilate Live Assist and Live Looks.

Software Integration


Upload and store up to 16 3D DIT LUTs and instantly toggle between them using the up and down buttons.



The FSI DM170 now features real-time Waveform and Vectorscope transmitted directly from monitor to computer. What's best about this is that no additional equipment is needed! This is the world's first monitor to feature this.


Frame capture

Capture and save full-resolution still frames from incoming videos signals for reference.

Frame Capture


Advanced Real-Time Waveform & Vectorscope

In addition to Scopestream, the DM monitors have Waveform and Vectorscope that can update every frame.


Cross Conversion

The DM170 monitor comes fully equipped with cross-conversion capability which allows you to take DisplayPort / HDMI / DVI signals and convert them to SDI for output.

Live Side-By-Side Monitoring

FSI's unique live side-by-side monitoring feature allows for mixed formats, mixed frame rates, and even mixed input types to be viewed together in PAP, PIP, or POP configurations.

Side By SideSide By Side 2

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