Profoto B10

Profoto B10

This is a great little battery monobloc providing 250W (or 5x power of a speedlight) in a very compact unit. The batteries charge in under 90mins and offer up to 400 full power flashes

These heads are ideal when out and out power isn’t needed, something that’s becoming more and more relevant on todays ‘content’ type shoots. If you shooting on the streets or in limited spaces the ability to have an assistant hold the light and the photographer shoot, does away with the need for stands.

One of the standout features of the B10 is the modelling light! Flash heads usually haveTungsten bulbs for modelling. The B10 uses Bi-Color LED so not only do you have a fully dimmable modelling light, but you can change the colour temperature from 3000k-6500k with a (CRI of 90-96)

The modelling will run continuously for 75mins. Suddenly you have a flash and continuous light source in one head!

The B10’s are compatible with over 120 light shaping tools and work perfectly with the Profoto TTL Air remotes or indeed from a Profoto A1. There’s also a companion App to control the units from your phone!