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Our Studio partners combine fully serviced studio environments with Direct Digital’s expert rental services and support.

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Studio 1 Island Studios Cape Town South Africa

Island Studios Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Island Studios is a Cape Town based film and television studio complex comprising 3 stages.

Conveniently located just to the north of the city, this flexible workspace features drive-in access, cycs and on-site lighting camera and grip facilities.

The South African Island Studios operation offers three stages in Cape Town, ranging from 322m2 (3456sq ft) to 536m2 (5760sq ft) and a choice of two stages in Johannesburg 420m2 (4512sq ft) and 617m2 (6650sq ft).

up To 6650sq.ft
Cape Town
Drive-In Access, Dedicated hair and Make-up, Production Offices, Full Catering, 6.2m Height, lighting camera and grip facilities

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